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Get back at your Back Pain


Back pain is experienced atleast once in lifetime by most of the people. In today’s fast moving world with lots of stress and less time for your body is one of the causes for back pain in the age group of 30-45 years.
It can hamper your daily life and lifestyle so much that it may lead to depression in some cases.

causes of Back Pain

  1. Muscle sprain and injury- encountered during sports,gymming and daily routine activities.
  2. Traumatic- Accidents, Falls etc
  3. Poor sitting and working posture.
  4. Age related
  5. Obesity
  6. Stress
  7. Systemic diseases- Malignancy, infections, pain from chronic underlying condition.

Myths and Reality

Most of the back pain are selflimiting and will get better without any treatment in a period of 3-4weeks.

Myth 1# long bedrest is helpful
Reality- bedrest more than 4 days is actually harmful

Myth 2# Massages and exercises are good
Reality- They can be very harmful if not done properly sometimes worsening the condition.

Myth 3# All backpain will require surgery
Reality- Only 3-4% of the patients require surgical treatment

Myth 4# Results of spine surgery are not good
Reality- Most of the patients are actually happy after their spine Surgery

Alarming signs Which require urgent Consultation-Red Flag signs

  1. Sudden weakness of lower limb- foot drop
  2. Loss of control over urine and bowel
  3. Increasing pain with numbness over the sacral area


Firstly you need to see a correct doctor/specialist.
Most of the people who claim to treat backpain are not qualified .
You should visit a specialist doctor like Neurosurgeon or a spine surgeon.
The management needs proper history of the disease and correct investigations. X-rays,CT scan and MRI is often required along with few blood tests.
The treatment usually starts conservatively with oral medications like analgesics, muscle relaxants. This is usually given a trial of atleast 2 weeks.
Next comes physiotherapy if you get some relief with medications but that is to done by oa qualified person.
Last option is surgery when the pain is not relieved or there are Red Flag signs.

Dr Himanshu Gupta
Consultant -Endoscopic Brain and Spine Neurosurgeon